52 Weeks for Earth

Inspired by my passion for environmental protection and advocacy, I developed the 52 Weeks for Earth challenge to celebrate Earth Day 2017. This year-long lifestyle challenge aims to inspire people to reduce their impact on the planet through simple and achievable weekly challenges. Each week’s challenge is promoted on Facebook, and supported by the website, which includes a series of informative and instructional content pieces.

The goal of the project was to break the huge and complicated issue of climate change down to smaller parts that are more consumable, relate these to people’s values and give flexible and accessible advice on how to change their lifestyle for the better. I truly believe that we each hold the power to change the world in our own hands, and hope to spread this understanding via the powerful tools of digital communication.

For this entirely independent project I had the change to utilise my diverse skillset; developing the concept, researching and writing all the content, running the social media account, photographing all the images, and designing and building the website. Visit site: weeksforearth.com

52 Weeks for Earth intro text Preview of content Food Waste header image on 52 Weeks for Earth Food Waste content on 52 Weeks for Earth
52 Weeks for Earth challenge photos