UX Design

Part of my varied roles managing Pursuit's extensive web assets included UX design. Such as redesigning the company's custom-built ecommerce platform. This platform sells hotel stays, attractions tickets, sightseeing tours, shuttle buses, combo packages, gift tickets and special promotions, across multiple websites and in two languages.

In 2018 I completed a full UX design overhaul of the platform, to reduce clicks, increase conversions, maximize cart size, and simplify the overall booking flow. This overhaul reduced transaction time and drastically improved guest and partner satisfaction in the overall booking system.

In 2021 we were in the process of removing the separation of the booking platform with the frontend website. This innovative work will reduce the friction between the beautifully designed marketing-focused website experience, and the final conversion, by integrating product search, booking options and product cart seamlessly throughout the frontend website. The first iteration of this UX design was completed by me.