The Chop Shop

Responsive and modern website built for a temporary warehouse bar and gallery in Canberra late 2014. The creation of local do-ers Sancho Murphy and Pat Rose, the Chop Shop brought together Canberra's artists, creatives, musicians, and just about anyone wanting to improve Canberra's arts scene.

Through the passionate vision of these two they inspired countless people to offer their skills to help the Chop Shop become a reality. They ran a Kickstarter campaign which successfully raised $17,380 for the cause, battled an onslaught of stop-work red tape and rallied the support of local politicians and created a media stir in the process.

I built their website as my contribution to the cause and wanted to showcase the variety of arts and culture the bar was built to support, with the boldness and style that they oozed. It was my role to manage the site's content on a regular basis updating events and the blog.

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